Broomhall Today

Picture of the Broomhall Centre Broomhall Centre close-up Picture of The Hannover pub today

The Broomhall Centre in the early winter sun. The centre is much used by the local community for all sorts of activities. Check out their website from the link on the Home page. A close-up of the thingy. The Hannover pub as it is today.

Picture of the playground Picture of the Community Garden Picturesque house

This children's playground is handily situated just across from the pub. The entrance to the community garden is decorated with some imaginative artwork. One of the more picturesque homes in the area.

St.Silas Church Room destined to become the home of the Genesis Project Mural by Paul Wood, Sept.1989

St.Silas Church Room was purchased in January 1989 to become the home of the Genesis Project, an arts centre for people with special needs. Shortly after its thirteenth birthday, it was gutted by fire in a suspected arson attack. To celebrate the project, artist Paul Wood had created an Arts for All mural, forty feet high by sixty feet wide in September 1989 on the rear of the building next door.